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      其二、關鍵時刻思維短路,只有湊字數,怎么辦?用短語是一個辦法!比如: I cannot bear it. 可以用短語表達:I cannot put upwith it. I want it. 可以用短語表達:I am looking forward to it.這樣字數明顯增加,表達也更準確。

      most important of all, moreover, finally

      on the one hand, on the other hand(適用于兩點的情況)

      for one thing, for another thing(適用于兩點的情況)




      do/sit/sitfor/take the National Entrance Examination of Postgraduate





      According to the latest report released by Sina.com, China’s leading web portal, ...

      According to the survey conducted by Sina Weibo, one of China’s leading Twitter-likeservices,...

      Sina Weibo,the Chinese home-grown version of Twitter,...

      CASS(ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences), a leading Chinese think-tank,...

      Baidu, China’ssearch engine giant,...

      Baidu, China’stop search engine,...

      Tencent, aHong Kong listed dot-com,...

      China Daily,one of those leading English-language newspapers in the Middle Kingdom, ...

      1. "重要性"相關表達


      Mental health is extremely important/significant to us.

      beintensely/exceedingly/enormously/fairly/extraordinarily/immensely/tremendously/hugely/crucially/vitally/critically/supremely/important to


      Psychological health is of crucial importance/significance to us.

      be ofvital/critical/key/central/paramount/supreme/prime/utmost/immense/enormous/tremendous/overriding/considerable/overwhelmingimportance to

      【3】vital, crucial, critical, key

      Physical andemotional well-being are vital/crucial/critical/key to us.

      Having a goodcommand of English is crucial/vital/critical/key to the size of your futurepaycheck.


      Maintain ingmorale matters/counts much.

      matter/count agreat deal/ a lot

      【5】play a role/part

      Guanxi, orbusiness and political relationships, is playing an increasingly largerrole/part in the course of moving up your social ladder.

      central/dominant/key/leading/main/major/primary/critical/crucial/decisive/essential/vital/huge role



      The importance of reading classics cannot be over-emphasized /over-stated/ overestimated .

      It is difficult to exaggerate the significance of breakfast to our physicalwell-being.


      The emergence of this undesirable trend stems partly from the misguided perception that thosemasterpieces are of little or no value to contemporary society.

      be ofenormous/great/high/immense/ tremendous/little/no value to


      Striking anideal balance between the virtual world and real one is essential for thosenetizens.


      A great variety of digital products carry considerable weight to our routine life.


      A sizable portion of inhabitants dwelling in this region who fiercely oppose a newlyunveiled plan insist that the potential economic returns stemming from theexploitation of these tropical rain forests will be far outweighed by thedisproportionate ecological damage and disruption to local lives.

      To put it simply, the benefits of this approach far outweigh its weaknesses.